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LocalPass Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program

LocalPass allows you to offer cutting edge mobile wallet loyalty passes to your customers which will help increase in-store foot traffic, bottom line revenue and customer loyalty.

Add geo-fencing into the mix and LocalPass gives you a potent combination of cutting edge technology and advanced proximity marketing solutions that will explode your clients mobile marketing ROI.


Why You Need To Get Started With LocalPass

No APP Required

LocalPass works without consumers ever having to install an app from the app store.

Increase Foot Traffic

Get more people into the door of your clients businesses with location based incentive offers.

Geo-Fencing Solution

Loyal consumers get special offer notifications based on their proximity to your defined location.

Training & Strategy

Learn how to leverage mobile wallet and Beacon proximity marketing solutions.

How Does LocalPass Work For My Business?

Step 1: Create Your Pass

We will build your pass in the LocalPass Designer to create Coupons, Store Cards, Membership Cards and even Event Tickets.

We will even custom brand your passes.


Step 1 - Create Your Pass


Step 2 - Distribute Pass

Step 2: Distribute Your Pass

Distribution of your passes is easy.

Consumers can add your passes to their mobile wallets by visiting a URL, scanning a QR code, clicking a URL in an email, via Social Media sites, tapping NFC Tags or even SMS. The options are endless!


Step 3: Engage Customers

With LocalPass you can easily setup automatic delivery of custom lockscreen notifications to customers who have your pass in their mobile wallet and are within a defined area.

Engage customers by delivering highly targeted lockscreen alerts based on their geo-proximity to the store.


Step 3 - Engage Customers

Step 4 - Pass Validation

Step 4: Pass Validation

When a customer tries to redeem a pass simply scan the QR or bar code with any smartphone at checkout to confirm the transaction. This allows for the validation or update of pass balance via a secured staff mobile portal.


Step 5: Track Analytics

Use the LocalPass built in Analytics to continually track your mobile wallet campaigns. We can also export reports to show you such things as, pass distribution, engagement and more.

Step 5 - Track Analytics

How Does LocalPass Work For The Consumer?

Step 1: Add Pass To Mobile Wallet

Consumers add your pass to their mobile wallets by scanning a QR code or by clicking on a pass URL.


Consumer 1 - Add Pass to Mobile Wallet

Consumer 2 - Geo-Fencing Notifications

Step 2: Geo-Fencing Notifications

Consumers get automatic lockscreen messages, that show promotions, updates, and special offers from your clients businesses.

When the consumer swipes the lockscreen message your pass opens up on their device.

These messages can get triggered by GPS or when in proximity to a Beacon.


Step 3: Present Pass

The consumer presents their pass at checkout to take advantage of coupon or special offer.

Consumer instantly sees the updated store card balance, or gets special discount as per the offer.


Consumer 3 - Add Pass to Mobile Wallet

Consumer 4 - Push Notification Updates

Step 4: Push Notification Updates

At any time consumers who have your passes in their mobile wallets can be sent special offers via push notifications.

This will keep the consumer coming back for more!

The New Age Of Mobile Coupons And Loyalty Has Arrived…

Are You Ready?

What Types Of Mobile Wallet Passes Can We Make?

6 Features

Scan QR Codes CTA

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2 Dental-Services-Pass-Demo-Template

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6 Business-Card-Pass-Demo-Template

Works with…

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Key Features Included With LocalPass


Send updates to your passes in real-time as lockscreen push notifications.


Notify customers with lockscreen notifications when they come in proximity to an Beacon.


Deliver a notification when customers are near a store to increase customer engagement.


Distribute passes to consumers via Email, NFC Tags, QR Codes, Social Media and SMS.

Beacons: The Ultimate Mobile Wallet Proximity Marketing Solution

Forcast for BeaconsWhat are Beacons?

Apple has implemented a technology called iBeacon (Beacons in general) which works with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology to allow location-based information to iOS devices.This technology also works with Android Phones.

Beacon can be compared to a lighthouse. Lighthouses constantly send out light signals to ships to help them know how to get to their destination. Beacon constantly send out a broadcast radio signals (like the light of a lighthouse) that allow compatible devices to detect these signals and understand what is nearby.

When paired with your LocalPass any customer who has your passes in their mobile wallet can interact with your Beacons. Imagine a loyal customer walking by a store and getting a lockscreen notification on their smartphone with a “2 for 1” offer valid today only for being a loyal customer. This and more is all possible when you get started with LocalPass!

iBeacon-Graphic Benefits

Benefits of LocalPass Beacons:

  • Entice customers to visit in-store with strategic and enticing messaging and offers
  • Increase sales by sending customers location based coupons and offers
  • Enhance customer loyalty by delivering a better customer experience
  • Increase brand awareness and build relationships with customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will LocalPass Passes work on both iPhone and Android?

YES! LocalPass passes can be installed on both iPhone and Android devices. LocalPass passes even work on Windows Phone and Blackberry.

How far is the range of the Beacons

Beacons have a range of about 30 feet.  You can place multiple Beacons in the same location with the same or different messaging and notifications to expand your proximity reach.

Do I need Beacons for LocalPass to do proximity marketing?

NO! With LocalPass you can set Longitude and Latitude areas for notifications.

You can also send push notifications to all users who have your pass in their mobile wallet at any time regardless of their location.

Will anyone who walks by my Beacon get a notification?

NO! Only people who have your pass in their mobile wallet and bluetooth turned on will receive notifications.

Can I use my own beacons with LocalPass?

We do not support other Beacons nor guarantee compatibility with other Beacons and  LocalPass.

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