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Our NFC Services

We Help Customers “Tap In” To Your Business

Mobile Marketing with NFC Tags is the newest way to connect businesses with mobile audiences using digital content in the physical world.

Mobile Marketing Helper specializes in providing cost effective and engaging NFC Marketing Campaigns for small to medium sized businesses just like yours.

Our advanced NFC tools combine SMS (Text) Marketing, QR Codes and Mobile Websites with NFC Tags to integrate into your marketing campaigns.

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NFC Mobile Marketing Reaches New Audiences

Mobile Marketing with NFC offers seamless transactions in the physical world because it only involves tapping, touching, or waving an NFC compatible device in front of a NFC hot spot, such as a smart poster or NFC business card.

This effortless exchange of digital information, combined with the broad range of NFC applications, is why many are predicting NFC will be a part of everybody’s lives soon.

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We focus on helping local businesses generate more leads using advanced mobile marketing strategies…

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NFC Enabled Signage Products

NFC is the vital link that will take print signage to the next level – It will allow customers to further engage with print signage through a simple touch of the phone to an NFC target. This will turn printed signage into real world a call-to-action for mobile interactions.

NFC enabled signage products will also deliver more value … and will track analytics that drive marketing campaigns (which has always been a challenge for printed signage).

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