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NFC (Near Field Communication)

How Does NFC Work?

NFC Tags are basically stickers that contain small microchips which can be programmed to make a Smartphone perform a certain action when the phone and tag come in contact.

Slightly different than scanning a QR Code, launching NFC tasks simply requires a NFC enabled Smartphone to touch or tap a NFC Tag. But like QR Codes and SMS (text), NFC is used to trigger an engagement with mobile devices.

In many cases, QR Codes and SMS can complement NFC marketing efforts, especially since we are in the early stages of NFC adoption. The gap between Smartphones that can text and scan QR Codes, but not read NFC Tags, can be bridged with a coordinated effort.

NFC Tags can be placed on virtually any surface … but work best in conjunction with print and other online promotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are NFC Tags

Near Field Communications, or NFC, is one of the emerging wireless technologies. A NFC Tag contains small amounts of information such as URL/web address … as well as numerical and textual data. It is composed of a microchip attached on an antenna.

The microchip contains the stored data and it can transfer this data to another device such as a mobile Smartphone. The transfer is only initiated when the receiving device is in close proximity with the tag, usually about 1 inch.

How Close Do I Have To Be To The Tag For It To Work?

NFC Tags communicate with your mobile device within 1 to 2 inches. The close proximity means that the tags cannot be read by mistake … which can produce erratic tracking data.

What Phones Have NFC Built In?

All top mobile phone manufacturers including Apple have their phones NFC-equipped. NFC technology was included with the release of the iPhone 6 … However, at this time Apple has chosen to lock NFC functionality.

NOTE: There are reports that Apple may open NFC functionality but this has yet to be confirmed (and there is no timetable on this) – This is why we recommend using QR Codes that are associated with the NFC Tags in the interim.

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What Information Can You Store

Different types of information can be stored on a NFC Tag. Usually, textual and numerical data is stored – For example, certain tags commonly store information such as URL/web addresses, contact information, WiFi passwords, Bluetooth pairing information, etc.

When information is written on the NFC Tag, it is refered to as a “NFC Data Exchange Format” … which is readable by all mobile devices equipped with NFC.

What Is NFC Used For?

NFC Tags can be used for cardless and cashless payments, advertising, marketing, security, contact information, bluetooth pairing, automation, storing WiFi passwords, medical purposes and many other uses. All that is needed is a NFC-equipped Smartphone.

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Could Someone Change My NFC Tag?

No, as long as you lock your NFC Tag after writing or storing information to that specific tag, no one else can change the information. You actually set specific passcode to make sure that no one can change the stored information.

Of course, new information can be stored on a tag as long as the encoding option for a tag is unlocked.

How Can I Encode NFC Tags?

We simply encode information into NFC Tags through the use of our NFC equipped mobile devices. For large scale encoding, please call for details…

What Batteries Do NFC Tags Take?

Because NFC Tags draw their required power from the NFC-equipped mobile device, they do not need any batteries.

Do NFC Tags Work On All Surfaces?

Yes, except for metal surfaces, due to the fact that metal surfaces create a signal distortion between the NFC Tag and the mobile device. Thus, a special NFC Tag that has a thin layer of ferrite foil is needed. This material creates a barrier between the metal surface and the NFC Tag, allowing the mobile device to communicate directly with the tag without any signal distortion.

What Is The User Experience?

Simplicity is the core user experience provided by a NFC Tags. All the user needs to do is place their NFC capable device close to the tag.

Once the device reads the data stored in the tag, it automatically launches … For example, if the stored information is a web address, once the device reads that information, it launches the mobile device’s browser and goes directly to the specific website page.

No scanning or downloading any special app.

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